26.03.2019 11:26

Circuit racing series OC Benet Cup will not continue in its regular form, to which the fans were used to. Sufficient number of participants, which would grant corresponding sporting value, was not registered until February deadline. With clock ticking, promoter chose not to risk good name of the series and cancelled his plans. The series, however, will not end. It will only change its form.

“After many months of intensive negotiation with various drivers and teams, we reached a point, where we needed to make decision.” Explained promoter deputy of OC Benet Cup Adam Eliáš. “The series offered valuable racing for reasonable costs. However, even despite this, the agreement with potential interested parties was not reached. Promoter cannot be long-time sponsor of driver’s activities because of the fact, that organization of races on required level is bonded with large expenses.” Added Adam Eliáš.

According to him, however, promoter does not want to end this very popular series and chose new form. OC Benet Cup will be one-day club event. Time schedule includes 15 minute practice and race in duration of 25 minutes. Six-round series will be run on Autodrom Most. Drivers can also rent the cars for free testing and track days, which will be held on same day as the race. Results of the race will be decided by sum of three fastest laps of respective driver. Renting of Škoda Octavia Cup car for one race will cost 35 000 CZK excluding VAT and is including complete preparation of the car. “New tyres, which we can store between races, are also available. Renting of helmet and overall is also available.” Clarified Eliáš.

2019 race schedule:

28.3. official test

8.4. first race

9.5. second race

Further terms will be announced according to number of entered drivers.

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